Allen, Northern Samar Allen is a 5th class municipality in the province of Northern Samar, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 20,066 people in 4,145 households.

Name The original name of the town was Manipa-a. During the Spanish era, the name of the town was changed to La Granja. The name Allen was given by the Americans in honor of General Robert Allen, the military governor of the Visayas after the Spanish-American War.

Barangays Allen is politically subdivided into 20 barangays.

Alejandro Village (Santiago)
Kinabranan Zone I (Pob.)
Sabang Zone I (Pob.)
Santa Rita
Kinabranan Zone II (Pob.)
Sabang Zone II (Pob.)
Victoria cheese

The Place To bE....

ALLEN was first settled by Capulenos before the last quarter of the 17th century. The first couple who organized Allen as a sitio of the Principality of Capul were Juan Cabacang and Cosmiana Cajandab together with few Capuleno families. They called the sitio "MANIPA-A meaning "a place of nipa palm.

At the beginning of the 18th century, migration influx to Samar increased from Capul Island and the Bicol Region. This is evidenced by the fact that Allen among the many towns in Northern Samar is the only bicol speaking town. As the sitio flourished, inhabitants petitioned for township in 1867 which the mother municipality of Capul granted through the permission of the Spanish "Politico -Militar Governor of Samar. The name "MANIPA-A" was changed to "LA-GRANJA meaning "home of beautiful single young ladies (dalagas).

In 1898, Don Lorenzo Gallego, the third executive of La Granja, donated to the parish church the patron saint, SR SANTIAGO DE APOSTOL, from Bulusan, believed to be carved between the 16th and 17th century. Old people has it that, St James the Great has saved Allen from numerous typhoons, flood, hail and fire. That is why Allenians make it a point to return to Allen every fiesta (July 24-25) to celebrate and to thank their "patrono". Allenians are known for their willpower,warmth,generosity and creativity. The influence of Franciscan Friars has instilled spirituality, values, morality to the people, no to mention excellent education. To date, Allen Parish Church has been administered by 41 Roman Catholic Priests and Assistant Priests.

In 1903 the name "LA GRANJA was changed to "ALLEN" in honor of General Robert Allen, the Military Governor of the Visayas, who liberated the Visayan Islands from the Spaniards.

And for almost two centuries, ALLEN now becomes the commercial center of the entire Balicuatro Area.It has a land area of 10,579 hectares planted to coconuts, abaca, rice and rootcrops. Population of 20,603 with 20 Barangays and an annual income of almost Php24M.

Being concerned with the welfare of its contituents, especially the children, Allen is undertaking steps and is launching programs for their protection. To prove its worth, Allen is again selected as the Child-Friendly Municipality in the entire Region VIII for 2008. It has been an awardee as far back as 2006.

Allen is the nearest point to Luzon. It is also the nearest trade port from Samar to Legaspi, Cebu and Manila.

At present, there are eight (8) Ferry Boats, plying the route Allen to Matnog, Sorsogon to facilitate transportaion of passengers as far as Appari,CAMANAVA, Bicol, Samar, Leyte and the island of Mindanao.

Allen celebrates its Founding Anniversary every 4th day of December with a weeklong events and festivities. This includes the famous NIKIT FESTIVAL, an event where children and not-so-young, celebrate the town's foundation through colorful streetdancing and street presentations.

Allen also celebrates its Annual Town Fiesta every 24th and 25th of July.

Annual KATIG-UBAN FESTIVAL is also celebrated in honor of Sto Nino, evey third Sunday of January.